How to get the content of an attached zip from Gmail when is blocked

A few weeks ago I had received an email with a zip attachment that I could not download from Gmail and I had a warning message similar to:

“Gmail virus scanners are temporarily unavailable – The attached files haven’t been scanned for viruses. Download these files at your own risk.”


I found a way to obtain the content of that folder by doing the following steps:

1.  Click the “Show original” button


2. Click on”Download original”

3. Open that file in a text editor, identify the attached file content, select it.

4. Create a new .txt file with that content.

5. Upload it to an online Base64 decoder (just google it, I think I took the first one) and you will get back a .zip file which will contain all the files and folders present in the original attachment.


When I was doing this blog post I could download the attached zip file, but couple a weeks back I could not.

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